A Cut Above Productions
"Inspired by Angels"
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Cast for Parts 1 and 2:                                      Music
Keiko Anaguchi
Ludivane Golden
Amirah Hall
Susanna Hart
Gaile Lynn
Aedan Mac Donnell
Alec Meeor
Marie Mendez
Marius Michael-George
Mica Monet
Melissa Nickert
Sheila O'Donnell
Barbara Petrie
Francesca Richardson
Keith Richardson
Tiffany Silver
Peter Sterling
Sheila Z Stirling Ph.D
Terry Lynn Taylor
Danielle Vachon
Charles Virtue Ph.D
Doreen Virtue
Yurika Yotsumoto

Music written and produced by Peter Sterling

Harp Magic                         The Angels Gift                
"Harp Magic"                          "Promised Land"
"Prelude to Love"                  "A Child's Heart"
"Hopscotch"                            "Islands Calling"
"The Last Unicorn"               "Dance of the Devas"
"Sea of Sky"                              "Heart of a Celt"
"Paradise Found"                   "Flying Thrue the Grids"
                                                      "Temple of Healing"
                                                      "Home at Last"
Additional Music
        Aedan Mac Donnell.

 Quantum Leap Music Collective
​         Peter Sterling
         Momo Loudy
         Masoud Ali Kahn
         Richard Hardy
         Michael Reidinger

Sacred Dance
Gaile Lynn
Peter Sterling